Hueless 1.6

The black & white camera for iPhone takes another step into the future of serious mobile photography.

Custom Camera Presets

Save your favorite film styles & camera configurations
and load them with a tap.


Photographers tend to have their favorite "film styles" and shooting preferences. Now you can save your most used adjustments to Exposure, Contrast & Color Filters and/or your preferred Aspect Ratio, Grid, Flash Mode and choice of front/back camera to a bank of 4 presets.

Tap the "Jump" button to jump back and forth between the last 2 presets used or the last preset & any adjustments you have made since.

Contrast Balance Control


We added the ability to adjust the black/white balance of your contrast adjusted image for greater control over the appearance of your photographs.

Dynamic Alignment Grids

The alignment grids have been reworked to adapt dynamically with your chosen capture aspect for super-awesome grids.

Facebook Upload

We added Facebook upload to our Instagram, Twitter and email export.
(Facebook export only available in iOS 6)

iOS 6 Friendly

Hueless 1.6 plays nice with new iOS 6 technologies.

But Wait!

Hueless 2 is out and is a major update!
Check it out!

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