The Black & White Camera

Say hello to black & white photography as it should be.

Hueless is not a photo "effect" app. Powered by our revolutionary live black & white preview, the image you see in the viewfinder is the image you see in the Photo Roll. "What You See is What You Get", no post-processing required. The perfect companion for the iPhone photographer, Hueless offers high-quality black & white photography in JPEG or TIFF formats without adding processing steps or sacrificing camera performance. Hueless is a photo shooting app.

Like you, we just want to take photographs. Now.

Our pioneering Curious Camera Engine™ capture architecture has been built from the ground up to please with shutterbug inspiring performance and live b&w preview, exposure & contrast adjustment and color filters, Huelessfeatures that will be familiar to b&w photographers.

Hueless saves full-resolution, EXIF tagged images directly to the built-in Camera Roll making your images instantly available in your Photo Stream for easy access in Aperture, iPhoto and your iOS devices.

We designed Hueless to meet the needs of serious photographers while retaining the intuitive ease-of-use iPhone owners have come to appreciate and expect from quality iOS software.

Hueless gives you the creative control to focus on composition, lighting and texture to capture beautiful b&w photographs.

Praise for Hueless

"This is certainly the app that Ansel Adams would have on his home screen. When I’m in the mood to shoot pure black and white this is my go to app."
- Richard Koci Hernandez via A Pocket Camera
"It really is absolutely, positively one of my favorite apps for the iPhone... If you don't have it, shame on you!"
- John Gruber / Daring Fireball
"If you’ve been experimenting with black & white photography, Hueless is a good app to consider for pure, straight black & white."
- Marty Yawnik / Life in LoFi
Live Exposure Control
Adjust exposure to compensate for lighting or to create dramatic effect.
Live Contrast Adjustment
Adjust Contrast and Contrast Balance, on the fly, as you shoot.
Color Filters
Live Color Filters
Variable Red, Orange, Yellow, Green & Blue color filters are just a tap away.
Capture Aspects
Capture Aspect Ratios
Pinch live preview to switch between 4:3 (full-frame), 3:2, 1:1 & 2.39:1 aspects.
Focus & Exposure Control
Control Focus and Exposure together or separately with auto & lock modes.
Dynamic Alignment Grids
Rule of Thirds, Architectural and 1:1 grids aid in photo composition.
Flash Modes
Flash Modes
Cycle between OFF, ON, AUTO and LAMP flash modes.
Custom Camera Presets
Save your favorite film styles & camera configurations and load them with a tap.

Preset Jump Button
Tap to jump between the last 2 presets used or a preset & any adjustments.

Share your Preset image adjustment Formulas with other Hueless photographers via email, Twitter & Facebook.
Shutter Button
Shutter Modes
Normal, Expanded, Rest & Release and Volume + shutter button modes.
Tag your photos with location data. Switch in iOS Settings Hueless pane.
Exif Data
Hueless tags photos with standard and, optionally, Artist Credit EXIF data.
Photo Export
Sharing Options
Easily share your photos via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email.
Photo Quality
Photo Quality Options
Choose between JPEG (High & Max quality) and TIFF photo formats.
B&W Photography Bliss, on the App Store.
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